What Size Bat Does Jose Altuve Use?

When it comes to Major League Baseball, Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve may be small in stature, but he is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Standing at just 5 feet 6 inches tall, Altuve has made a name for himself as one of the game’s biggest stars, earning numerous accolades and two World Series titles. One question that often arises is what size bat Altuve uses at the plate. In this article, we will delve into the dimensions of Altuve’s bat, the brands he has used throughout his career, and why he prefers a bat with a full cup. Let’s explore the details!

The Dimensions of Altuve’s Bat

Jose Altuve’s bat falls within the normal range for Major League Baseball. While his small frame may lead some to believe that he uses an unusually small bat, Altuve swings a 33-inch, 31-ounce bat with a full cup. These dimensions are slightly shorter and lighter compared to the average pro baseball bat, which typically ranges between 33-34.5 inches and 31-33.5 ounces. The shortest bat ever used in an MLB game was 32.25 inches, while the longest bat measured in at 36 inches. Altuve’s bat, although on the smaller side, is well within the normal parameters.

The Brands Altuve Has Used

Jose Altuve Professional Model Bat

Throughout his Major League career, Jose Altuve has experimented with bats from various manufacturers. Some of the notable brands he has used include Tucci, Cooperstown, Victus, Marucci, Louisville Slugger, and Sam Bat. Each of these brands brings its own unique qualities and characteristics to Altuve’s bat.

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In his rookie season, Altuve started with a Louisville Slugger, a renowned and long-standing bat company. However, he later transitioned to a customized Tucci model before trying out a Victus brand bat. Altuve returned to Tucci in the 2021 season and used a Marucci bat in 2022. Additionally, Altuve was spotted using a Sam Bat during Spring Training in 2017 and throughout the regular season, and he also experimented with a Cooperstown brand bat in 2018.

Altuve’s Preferred Model

The bat that Jose Altuve uses most regularly is a custom-designed JA27 model. This model incorporates his initials “JA” and the number 27, which he has worn throughout his entire career. Altuve has had this model designed for him by several companies, including Tucci, Victus, Sam Bat, Cooperstown, and Marucci. It is interesting to note that Altuve initially used the H238 model from Louisville Slugger, a bat that has been used by various players, including the legendary home run king Barry Bonds. Other models Altuve has used in-game include the TL-238 from Tucci and the CC8 model from Sam Bat.

The Advantages of a Bat with a Full Cup

Jose Altuve swings a bat with a full cup, which refers to a deep indentation on the top of the bat. This cup serves to balance out the weight of the bat, making it feel lighter when swung. In other words, a bat with a full cup provides Altuve with a more manageable and comfortable swing, considering his smaller stature. Altuve is not the only MLB star who opts for a bat with a full cup; other notable players who use this design include Manny Machado, Giancarlo Stanton, José Abreu, and Ryan Braun.

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The Wood of Altuve’s Bat

Size Bat Jose Altuve

While bats of the same size and model can be made from various types of wood, Altuve prefers bats made from maple. Throughout his career, Altuve has used bats made of maple wood from brands such as Victus, Tucci, Sam Bat, Cooperstown, and Louisville Slugger. Maple wood bats are known for their durability and hardness, making them a popular choice among many professional baseball players.

Where to Buy a Bat Like Altuve’s

If you’re looking to purchase a bat similar to the one Jose Altuve uses, Sam Bat is the place to go. They offer a custom-designed JA27 model that allows you to select the length, weight, cup size, and coloration that suit your preferences. This bat is currently available for purchase at $199 USD. Alternatively, Bruce Bolt sells replica JA27 bats made from maple wood, similar to Altuve’s authentic model.

Acquiring Game-Used Jose Altuve Bats

For fans interested in obtaining a game-used and MLB-authenticated Jose Altuve bat, several options are available. The official online auction website of the Houston Astros regularly features game-used Altuve bats for auction. However, when purchasing from third-party retailers like eBay, it is crucial to ensure that the bat comes with proper proof of authenticity to guarantee its legitimacy.

Altuve’s Choice of Shoes

Jose Altuve primarily wears New Balance shoes, relying on the company for both his cleats and turf shoes. He has also been spotted wearing Nike cleats in the past. Altuve typically wears a US men’s nine shoe size, ensuring optimal comfort and performance on the field.

The Glove Altuve Uses

Jose Altuve Bat

In the field, Jose Altuve relies on a Wilson brand glove. The size of his glove measures at 11.5 inches, which is the standard size for a second baseman’s glove. This size strikes a balance between having a sizable pocket for catching the ball and allowing quick transfers during defensive plays.

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Batting Gloves of Choice

When it comes to batting gloves, Jose Altuve primarily uses Franklin Sports. In fact, he has his own line of custom-designed Franklin Pro Jose Altuve Custom Powerstrap Batting Gloves. These gloves are specifically tailored to Altuve’s preferences and needs at the plate. Altuve has also been seen using a pair of MVP Elite Pro batting gloves from Nike.


Jose Altuve’s success on the baseball field is a testament to his skill, talent, and determination. Despite his smaller stature, Altuve has made a significant impact in the Major Leagues, earning numerous accolades and championships.

When it comes to his bat, Altuve swings a 33-inch, 31-ounce model with a full cup, providing him with a lighter feel and more manageable swing. He has used bats from various brands throughout his career, with the JA27 model being his preferred choice. Altuve’s preference for maple wood bats and his choice of shoes, glove, and batting gloves all contribute to his performance on the field.

For fans interested in acquiring a bat similar to Altuve’s, options are available through Sam Bat and other retailers. Whether you’re a fan or simply curious about the equipment used by one of baseball’s biggest stars, understanding what size bat Jose Altuve uses provides insight into the precision and craftsmanship behind the game.

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