Why Do Baseball Players Chew Gum? Unveiling the Motives

Chewing gum has been an integral part of baseball culture for over a century. As baseball legend Babe Ruth once quipped, “A ballplayer without chewing gum is like a bird without feathers.” But where did this tradition originate, and why has it endured for so long? Chewing gum helps players stay focused, reduces stress, and gives them an oral fixation to channel nervous energy.

The minty flavor provides a mental boost, while brands like Big League Chew are designed specifically with ballplayers in mind. However, the habit does come with downsides, like potential choking hazards and digestive issues. In this article, we’ll explore the history and rationale behind why so many baseball players can be seen chomping away in the dugout with a cheek full of gum.

History of Chewing Gum in Baseball

Chewing gum became popular in baseball in the late 1800s when William Wrigley Jr. began using baseball players to promote his Wrigley’s Spearmint gum. Wrigley realized the national pastime of baseball offered a huge promotional opportunity for his gum business. He started providing free gum to players in the 1890s as a form of advertising. Chewing gum helped keep players’ mouths moist during games, and the act of chewing provided stress relief as well.

By the early 1900s, Wrigley’s gum had become ingrained in baseball culture. However, the chewing gum was eventually temporarily banned from dugouts in the minor leagues in the 1920s over cleanup concerns. Despite this brief ban, players continued to chew gum during games. By the 1980s, gum chewing was popular once again in the major leagues, becoming an essential part of the baseball routine. Today, chewing gum is deeply intertwined with baseball history and culture.

Reasons Baseball Players Chew Gum

Reasons Baseball Players Chew Gum

Baseball players chew gum for several reasons related to improving performance and focus during games.

One of the main reasons is that the mint flavor helps improve concentration and focus. The strong minty flavor of gum gives an alertness boost that can help players stay zoned in during long games. Chewing gum also helps some players deal with anxiety and nerves. The repetitive motion of chewing reduces stress and tension, allowing players to relax.

Additionally, gum gives players an oral fixation to focus excess energy on, rather than fidgeting or getting distracted. Having something to chew on redirects nervous energy into the gum.

Finally, many players chew gum with caffeine to get an energizing effect. Brands like 5 gum contain caffeine to give players a mild stimulant effect and boost of energy. This can counteract fatigue during late innings.

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Overall, gum chewing has become a baseball tradition because of the functional benefits of helping players improve focus, reduce anxiety, harness nervous energy, and fight fatigue. The minty flavor and caffeine provide mental and physical boosts that can enhance performance.

Mint Helps Players Focus

Studies have shown that the scent of peppermint can help improve alertness and cognition. One study found that peppermint aroma improved memory and increased processing speed during cognitive tasks. The peppermint scent is thought to stimulate the hippocampus region of the brain, which is associated with memory. Sniffing peppermint essential oil has also been shown to support cognitive performance related to attention.

Many baseball players report that chewing mint gum helps them stay focused on the field by providing an aroma that keeps them alert. The stimulating scent of mint may help counteract mental fatigue and lapses in concentration during a long game. With increased alertness and processing speed, players can react quickly on the field and remember plays more clearly.

Chewing Reduces Stress

Chewing Gum in Baseball

Chewing gum has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in some situations. The rhythmic chewing motion can help release tension and calm nerves.

One study found that chewing gum reduced self-reported stress and anxiety after performing stressful tasks. The researchers theorized that chewing gum helps relieve muscle tension and occupies the mind with a repetitive motion, providing a brief distraction from stressors.

However, the effects may depend on the context. Another review concluded there was no consensus on whether chewing gum should be widely recommended to reduce anxiety and stress. The benefits may be most pronounced in acutely stressful situations.

Overall, chewing gum may provide a minor stress-relieving effect for some people. The act of chewing releases tension in the jaw muscles and focuses the mind on the chewing motion rather than stressful thoughts. But more research is needed to determine the overall impact on stress levels.

Gives Players an Oral Fixation

Many baseball players chew gum because it gives them an oral fixation that helps them focus on the game. Chewing gum keeps their hands and mouth busy, providing a distraction from external stimuli. This allows them to narrow their attention and concentrate more intently on pitching, hitting, and fielding.

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The oral fixation satisfies a psychological need to stimulate the mouth. Freud theorized that individuals can become fixated in the oral stage of their psychosexual development, leading to oral habits later in life. For athletes, chewing gum is a harmless way to meet this need to occupy their mouth. It provides an outlet for nervous energy and tension. By diverting their oral fixation to gum, players can channel their focus into sports performance.

Caffeine for Energy

Many baseball players chew gum with caffeine for an energy and alertness boost during games. Gums like Mint Energy Gum contain 50mg of caffeine per piece to provide a jolt of energy. Chewpod Energy Gum packs 100mg of caffeine along with taurine and B vitamins for invigorating effects.

Studies show caffeinated chewing gum can benefit both endurance and power athletes by improving focus, reaction time, and performance. The caffeine gives players a mental and physical edge to stay alert and energetic during long games under hot conditions. Chewing caffeinated gum allows baseball players to get a quick energy boost without needing sugary drinks or snacks.

Types of Gum

Baseball players have preferred brands and flavors of gum when they chew during games. The classic gum of choice is Big League Chew, first introduced in 1980. This shredded gum comes in pouches and mimics the look and feel of chewing tobacco. Popular Big League Chew flavors include original, blue raspberry, sour apple, watermelon, and cotton candy. Players enjoy the long-lasting soft texture that allows for chewing over multiple innings.

Other popular gum brands include Bubblicious and Hubba Bubba for their bubble blowing capability, though the bubbles don’t last as long. Quench gum provides a burst of flavor, while Dubble Bubble is liked for its firm consistency. Players may chew certain flavors depending on their mood or need for alertness. The variety allows them to switch it up during games.

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Downsides of Chewing Gum

Chew Gum in Baseball

Chewing gum during baseball games does come with some downsides that players should consider.

First, constantly chewing gum can lead to dental issues like jaw pain, tooth decay, and gum disease. The repetitive chewing motion can put a lot of pressure on the jaw joints and cause pain over time. The sugar in gum can also erode tooth enamel if players chew too frequently.

Second, chewing gum poses a choking hazard, especially for players who fall asleep with gum still in their mouths. Swallowing large wads of gum can cause digestive blockages. Players have to be vigilant about properly disposing of used gum.

Finally, the habit of spitting out gum onto fields and dugout floors also leads to littering issues. Stadium cleanup crews have to scrape tons of discarded gum off surfaces. Some ballparks have even banned gum chewing to curb this problem.

In summary, while chewing gum has benefits, players should be mindful of the potential dental, choking, and littering downsides. Moderation and proper disposal are key to enjoying gum as a baseball tradition.


Baseball players chew gum for several reasons that can improve their performance. Chewing gum helps players focus and concentrate by giving them an oral fixation while at bat or out in the field. The mint flavor helps keep players alert and the caffeine in some gums provides an energy boost. Chewing gum also reduces stress and anxiety by giving players something to do with their mouths.

In summary, baseball players chew gum because it can enhance their cognitive performance through increased focus and concentration. The oral fixation and mint flavor help players stay locked in during games. Chewing gum also provides a way for players to channel nervous energy and relieve stress on the field. While gum may not directly affect physical ability, the mental edge it provides helps explain why it’s so popular in baseball.

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